A Game Of Numbers: Knowing What, How Long, And Who's Involved With A/C Installation


Numbers, numbers, numbers; usually the only number you are concerned with during an air conditioning installation is the final price. However, you might also be interested in a few other numbers, like how long in terms of hours the installation might take, or how many technicians are going to be running in and out of your door to install this massive unit. Here is a look at some other numbers involved with an A/C installation.

Four to Twelve Components

Every A/C system is different. Some have very few parts to install, while others have so many parts that it will take all day to install them correctly. A heat pump is one of the simpler ones, but it will still have outdoor and indoor components. Ductless air conditioners have as many components as the rooms in which you want to install a wall unit (up to eight, with one or more outdoor components). Depending on how you count the components for a geothermal unit, it may be as many parts as a ductless air conditioning system or as few as a central air system.

Two to Six Technicians

Your basic central air system will require two or three technicians, just because of the need to lift and carry heavy components around the property and/or down stairs into a basement or into a utility closet (if you have a slab foundation instead of a basement foundation). A heat pump system is about the same number of technicians. A geothermal system, however, may require up to six technicians, given the level of complexity required for this kind of installation. 

Two to Ten Hours

There may be any number of factors affecting time here, from alterations to your ventilation system in order to install your unit to needing an upgraded electrical box on the premises so that your unit has adequate power (that way it won't blow any of the fuses in the rest of the house). If nothing needs upgrading or altering and you are just installing a heat pump system, two hours is about right. Alterations and upgrades add about an hour or two to the time needed. A heat pump install is about two hours, a central air unit is about three hours, and a geothermal unit is anywhere from seven to ten hours because of the excavation required prior to installation of the heating/cooling coil and connections to all of the above-ground components. 


11 July 2019

Preparing for a Steamy Summer

All of my life, I’ve lived in the southern United States. Because this area of the country experiences extremely hot summers, I’m vigilant about keeping my HVAC system working properly. Do you have an older heating and air conditioning system? Perhaps, you’re worried your HVAC unit won’t survive the upcoming, hot summer. If you can relate to this scenario, consider contacting an HVAC contractor as soon as possible. This professional can inform you whether you merely need to service your old HVAC system or invest in a new one. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common tasks HVAC contractors do at residences. Enjoy!