Four Safety Tips For Warming The House When The Heater Is Malfunctioning


People resort to all kinds of alternative heating methods when their usual heaters malfunction. Unfortunately, some of these alternatives aren't safe. Here are a few measures you can use to ensure that alternative heating doesn't burn down your house or cause injuries to your household members:

Clean the Chimney

If you are using wood to warm up your house, then the first precaution you should take is to clean your chimney. This is because wood burning leaves deposits of unburnt fuels on the walls of the chimney, and the deposits can later ignite and cause chimney fires. You can't avoid the buildups as long as you are burning wood, but you can ensure they don't become a danger by regularly cleaning the chimney.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

If you are using fuel-based heaters, then you need to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide. This is especially true if you don't have a chimney or if your house isn't properly ventilated. In fact, under such conditions, it's best to stay clear of camping stoves, grills, small engines or other kinds of appliances or engines that use fuel.

Be Careful with Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are useful for warming up individual rooms when the main heater is malfunctioning. However, they are also dangerous and account for about 80% of all deaths attributed to heating fires. Here are some safety tips to ensure your space heater doesn't burn down your house:

  • Read and follow manufacturers instruction.
  • Keep the space heater in a clear space away from other materials, such as beddings, that may catch fire.
  • Never leave the space heater unattended.
  • Plug space heaters directly into wall outlets; don't use extension cables.

Make Sure the Smoke Detector Is Operational

Despite your best measures, you can't be certain that your house will never experience a fire outbreak. Therefore, ensure that your fire detection and suppression facilities are operational and efficient. For example, you need to confirm that your smoke detector is working and has fresh batteries. That way you will be alerted immediately fire breaks out in your house.

Hopefully, you will never have to resort to alternative heating because your usual heater is out. However, if that does happen, the measures above should help you stay safe until your furnace or heater is fixed. Don't forget to contact an HVAC company, like CLIMATE CONTROL LTD, as soon as possible to help diagnose and sort out the issue.


20 June 2017

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