The Do's And Don'ts Of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning


In any commercial kitchen, keeping the exhaust fans over fryers, cooking surfaces, and ovens clean is a crucial part of regular maintenance. Not only do the exhaust fans that you have help to eliminate odors in the kitchen, but also smoke and heat as well, which could easily become a safety hazard for employees. To make sure the exhaust fans in your commercial kitchen are kept running as they should, regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial. There are a few easy-to-remember do's and don'ts of exhaust cleaning that you should keep in mind as a restaurant owner. 

Do: Perform exterior cleaning daily. 

Don't: Try to tackle interior cleaning on your own. - Trying to clean the inside of the electrical fans, duct work, and other exhaust system components could easily cause a great deal of damage. To perform this task the right way, you have to be skilled with the engineering and design of the system and know exactly how to disconnect electrical components. Otherwise, they will become bogged down with cleaning solutions that could cause connections to short out. 

Do: Teach your employees to recognize signs that it is time for professional exhaust cleaning.

Don't: Assume everyone already knows. - If you do not have experience with the underlying operational features of a commercial kitchen, you probably will not recognize signs that the exhaust system needs to be professionally cleaned. These systems are not a lot like the typical residential exhaust fan. They are much more in depth in their design because they are put through rigorous use. Some of the signs that you should train employees to recognize include lacking airflow, excess condensation, and even rattling. 

Do: Make sure you have your exhaust systems professionally cleaned around once a year. 

Don't: Put off this attention as just a simple maintenance task. - Keeping the exhaust fans clean in your commercial kitchen is actually very important. Build up of oil and grease can become a fire hazard over time and should be appropriately eliminated. 

There may be a lot on your plate when it comes to maintenance as a commercial kitchen manager or owner, but each task is usually vital to smooth daily operation within the business. This is especially true when it comes to commercial exhaust cleaning. If you suspect that it is time to get your exhaust system some professional cleaning attention, contact a company like Clearzone Services


5 August 2015

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